Annabelle Schneider


Swiss born brand- and interior- designer Annabelle Schneider is a dual creator and strategist, focusing on spaces – an­alog and digital. She graduated from Parsons in New York, worked in branding for Laufen or Vitra in Swit­zerland, designed for high concept architectural firms such as Snarkitec­ture and realized several retail- and hospitality projects in New York.

A series of movies for a project at ComplexCon, followed by a first virtual retail space for Instagram brand Coffee n’ Clothes, as well as earlier engagements at the Montreux Jazz Festival stirred her interest in performances, culture, fashion and arts and triggered her curiosity to explore thresholds between the physical and digital realms.

Creating spaces with multi-sensory touchpoints to intensify user experiences is her main objective. She is driven by orchestrating layered moments within sanctuaries of spaces and continuously envisions to choreograph user journeys while delivering an experience tied to brand relevant, yet also poetical, socio-culturally meaningful messages.

The rhythm of sounds and performative movements are her guiding force to any visualization she produces. New York’s Queer ballroom scene brought her to Atlanta’s Hip Hop strip clubs where she conducted research on gender and body performance in built space – an ongoing project that envisions sustainable stage design for a performance driven, more fluid culture on- and offline.

In her work, she embeds the perfect within the imperfect. She’s interested in disruptions of moments and to connect the dots of details that allow the user to engage and complete the full picture. A playful approach that fosters emotions and dialogues from nostalgia to current Zeitgeist, while being in constant flux between realms, the global and local, the temporary and permanent, the communal and individual.