I am taking notes of changes observed in the macro- and micro socio-cultural context. Observations that depict patterns and help to craft strategies for a better everyday life tackled through design.

I collaborate with brands and universities to strategize, shape, educate and realize time-sensitive concepts that talk to the consumer sentiments of today and tomorrow.

I am a researcher, a strategist and a creative designer. Spaces are my playground. A space has no life without people interacting within. I therefore design spaces that tell stories for and with the people. The foundation is to understand people’s needs and wants before crafting their worlds. In a tech-defined life where chat bots become our friends and imaginary worlds offer new dimensions of virtual realities (...), I value the emotional, spontaneous, and imperfect aspects of what it means to being human. My goal is to design phygital spaces that facilitate these experiences, fostering connection, comfort, inclusivity. Spaces with a sense of well-BEING, belonging, and empowerment.

Sentimental Research Radar