My name is Annabelle Schneider. I am an award-winning, Swiss born / New York based, dual spatial designer and strategist with an accomplished background in branding and spatial installations - in virtual and physical space.

I own a graduate degree in Design Management, and a AAS and MFA in Interior Design from Parsons, New York. My passionate design journey started early on with event productions for music festivals and interior- and cultural-brands. For the next 7 years, I was developing global brand strategies, whillst my excitement for storytelling, shifted my focus more towards the design of the physical and virtual spaces we’re inhabiting.  

Most recently, I am an educator at Parsons where I teach Interior Design Studios and a class about the future of retail and inclusive spaces.
I debuted my first solo exhibition for NYCxDesign in May 2023: An immersive experience and performance between the physical and virtual which meshed technology with tactility more critically and humanely. Mostly, to improve mental wellbeing, while considering the bed as the only place in the we call “home” in the near future.

Today, I run my own studio and work at the intersection of art and spatial designs. My aim is to choreograph user journeys throughout spaces. I believe social behavior and change stand in constant dialogue with good design. In this sense I relates to spatial concepts of interior futures and use design as a medium and speculation that fosters forward-thinking ideas of how we can improve everyday life.

My designs are research-based and immersive. I investigate the historical, material and social forces that shape the discipline of design today and in the future with the goal to improve the sense of comfort, belonging and wellbeing. Whether designing for a client or developing self – initiated projects, the studio applies the same rigorous attention to context, processes and details.

My analytical nature translates into immersive, multisensorial visual outcomes, products and strategies tied to the experiential stories of spaces. Applied methods challenge the conventional approach to materials and structures, while I draw on my ongoing fascination with ephemeral interiors, fashion and wearable- or visually immersive technology,
to advance her work and collaborations with industry and institutions and build environments that stir dialogue and moments to explore, play and reflect.