Vitra: Out of the Box | An interactive Installation

Langenthal, Switzerland / 2014

Celebrating Design Classics. A interactive installation displaying the curiosities of design classics - from Eames, to Prouvé or Alexander Girard (...) Vitra x écal showcased the products in surprising, partly disassembled ways - ready to reveal, ship or display. 

Vitra’s classic chairs survive.. Even though the continuously compete between the old and new, the win against new ideas and innovations and successfully bridge the gap between the past and present. But how did they emerge? - Classics. Everything begins with an idea. The designer develops it from concept to prototype and further pushes it in collaboration with producer to the final product.  “The Classic Factory” is an installation tied to the big classics produced by Vitra. The project investigates designer’s concept, development, assembly process and the final shipment. 
Visitors step into a playfully arranged, magical set within an authentic industrial landscape. Drawers to open, background history to learn. Individual pieces of the Eames Lounge Chair merge to the final chair.

Documentation about the Collaboration
Courtesy by écal and Vitra

Date: 2014
Brand Strategy for Vitra
Scenography and further Collaborations: Installation by Vitra & ECAL/Joelle Aeschlimann & Sylvain Aebischer.
All Photos Courtesy of Tom Ziora © Vitra
Category: Things I built | Interactive Exhibition 
Location: Designers Saturday, Langenthal, Switzerland 
Press:  Designers Saturday, écal