Swap | A hotel Concept tied to Change 

Wynwood, Miami / 2016

A conceptual hotel in Wynwood, Miami. A hybrid venue breathing eclectic, lush Miami vibes and promoting community through exchangeable wall-art. Colors speak Art Deco, curved forms refer to Miami’s body cult and hotel rooms rise up to the sky to imitate historical light houses. The roof and areas split in rhythm to the surrounding street grid between open and closed. Solid woods, switch up with meshed surfaces, highlighted with vast scale, leveled Neon tubes.

SWAP is an imaginative place for staycations in Miami’s Streetart district - Wynwood. Curved shapes inspired by design narrative, which is based on  historical, physical and cultural pillars and insights from site-specific research.

Most of the lower level is accessible for public. Private guestrooms are stacked-up. Casting shadow on the ground and offer pink-sky proximity with key views from the room. After conceptualizing the exterior and developing the program, insights were further processed and visually translated to two of the hotel’s key components: the in/outdoor public bar and the two-leveled private cabins on the stacked up circular islands.
Curves in respect of the communal blend and inspired from Miami’s body cult. Vertical cuts rhythmically interrupt the canvas-like solid exterior walls and change the ceiling from solid to grid structure. Cuts cause a soft-explosion of greenerie, denoted with neon tubes wielding throughout the space.

Rendering: Art-exchangeable Bar In/Outdoor

Rendering: Hotel Bedroom in Lighthouse

Date: 2016
Design and Concept Development 
Category: Things I Imagine to build 
Location: Wynwood, Miami