She Came to Stay | Scent-based Hotel Design

Queens, New York / 2017

“Some beautiful things in life are intangible. Just like clouds, we wish we could catch those moments and put them in a bottle. A perfume can be a cloud. Spray it on you and a world of emotions opens up. Memories, nostalgia, fantasies, dreams. Scents are shrouded in mystery. Intimate, yet curious and imaginative.” 

SHE CAME TO STAY (SCTS) Is a perfumery located on the ground floor of an old warehouse in Queens. The warehouse has been transformed for a place to stay; Featuring hotel rooms, a communal laundry area and a dim-lit,  full-floor cushioned, intimate concert venue, including exclusive access to the perfume plant. Entering through a vast scale scented cloud, diving into touchpoint layed out throughout space and choreographing the user journey with a designated scent. Hoping to trigger nostalgia and dreams of visitors and adding another sensorial layer of sound/performing artist specific concert experienced in space.

The design narrative is tied to historical insights from the local Steinway manufacturing place, influenced by it’s muse Sade - as the singer’s the epitome of sensuality. The concept and language of a pharmacy guides the idea of ‘individuality, self-care and picking your very personal, locally sourced and mixed ingredients’.
The program contains a produce lab, a per- fume pharmacy, a laundry space, an intimate sound room and sensually elevated guestrooms. Each stage aims to explore imagination, memory, concealment and the passing of time by orchestrating the journey of the guest with materiality, color, light, sound and scent.

Date: 2017
Designer and Concept Scent-based Hotel
Category: Things I Imagine to build | Hotel
Location: Queens, New York