An exclusive product from the collection BEING IN BED, debuted at Art Basel Miami Beach.

The silk sleeping mask plays off the virtual reality googles that offer a threshold to another dimensions that let’s us reconnect to the self. Equally a meditative journey with the tactile sleeping mask that allows to you escape into your temporary world of dreams.

The design features a piece-by-piece unique pattern of digital traces linked to our natural body. Symbolic alerts of BEING present while absent.  

Namely; A trace of digital hair, some blood cells, a drop of sweat, some sperm and skin. All natural traces our bodies leaves in the traces of sheets. Reminders that we’re still ruled by nature, not data yet. Listen to your body’s needs, balance mind and soul with it - sleep.

Product Details
Pattern Design: Every mask features an extract of a total pattern and is therefore unique

Design by Piera Wolf + Annabelle Schneider


Limited Edition
This product is available in limited quantity only.