Art Basel | Pop-Up Meditations

Miami / 2021

EXPANDING HORIZONS is a guided meditative event featuring one essential mediation that rises awareness of daily rituals within our personal sanctuary space – the bathroom.
Tune into the Meditation: here.
After a storm of chaotic transformations in the universe 2.0. - aka a global pandemic and a climate of crisis - from accelerated technology, to health, housing, climate and political unrest (...) The meditation pillow brand designed and founded by Annabelle and Yvonne Wigger (ECHO ECHOsaw the urge to  focus on all our mindful awakening within self-caring rituals that celebrate moments of stillness – the breathing and receiving.

This was the first Art Basel (Miami) since the outbreak of COVID-19. The moment for ECHO ECHO to collaborate with the Swiss bathroom producer LAUFEN to offer a meaningful event. Offering an inclusive, communal moment to rest, reflect. In midst of a bustling art fair and a climate we were absent from. Overstimulation that had to be balanced. People appreciated the mindful, dialogue fostering and meditation guided setting. For one full week, Annabelle hosted more than 30 pop-up meditations throughout Miami Beach. The 10-min. meditations focused on water and ritual. A special piece composed by Reiki Master and Meditation coach Amanda Williams from Shamahealing.

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Date: December 2021
Designer, Host and Content Creator:  Initiating meditations with meditation pillows designed by Annabelle Schneider and Yvonne Wigger (Echo Echo)
Category: Things I built | Product Design & Content Creation
Location: Art Basel, Miami 
Content Producers:  Sooperkul