Life Alive | Restaurant Design

Brookline, Boston / 2018

A healing, slow space where good, vegan Food is served

What spatial elements and combinations convey the  feeling of purity, tactility, natural healing and spirituality? How can this world be translated into multiple-chains of Boston based Vegan Restaurant Chain - Life Alive ?
Life Alive Organic Café’s mission is to “feed the vitality of a busy world… by providing healthy fantastic food for people on the go, while honoring and protecting our environment.” The space was designed based on pillars inspired by Paolo Soleri (architectural forms), wellness, pharmacy and a muse that speaks to the bohemian vibe of the brand. Resulting that the dining room is full of light colors and is minimalist, and has a crisp look. No doors but spatial separations created by means of the tall ceiling arches and circular cut outs to the back of the space. The large-scale, central open kitchen and windows to the prep-area make the space accessible and transparent. The design narrative feeds off 4 pillars: Historical - Paolo Soleri. Familar: Pharmacy. Aspirational: Wellness Resort. Muse: The Chef, whose a magical, spiritual women and creates the soul of the space.

Date: 2018
Designer for Studio Phenomena and Good, Rich New York
Category: Things I built | Restaurant Life Alive
Location: Brookline, Boston USA
Press: Eater, The Food Lens