Life Alive | Restaurant Design

Back Bay, Boston / 2019

An eclectic new vibe for Life Alive

Life Alive is here to provide an inclusive, satisfying, energizing and delightful nourishment in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. In this Urban Oasis, one might hear the sound of blenders whirring, smell aromas of fresh-cut wheatgrass and juicy ginger, see a colorful spectrum of dishes, art and people, and, most importantly, taste craveable fresh flavors that fuel the body.

On June 12 2019 Live Alife opened its fifth location in Boston.  Annabelle was a designer for Goodrich and Studio Phenomena, for whom she worked on the Brooklinen and the Back Bay llocation of the growing vegetarian restaurant chain. Life Alive has expanded in part due to the guidance of Ron Shaich, who founded Panera and Au Bon Pain and is now investing in several piecs of the Boston-area restaurant world, including Life Alive and Tatte Bakery & Cafe. Life Alive has been around since 2004, when the first location opened in Lowell. An accessible home,

where people should feel included, comfortable and welcome to make healthy food choices:  From organic grain bowls, to grilled wraps, frozen fruit smoothies, CBD drinks, and more creative vegetarian fare is on the menu at the newest Life Alive.

As a complement to their food, this location debuted an eclectic juice and smoothie bar, introducing a new line of smoothie bowls, while transforming to a  “free-spirited cocktail bar” — as in, non-alcoholic — with items like iced teas, mango lassi, plus CBD coffee and CBD matcha drinks.

The interior design reflects the richness of flavors, organic shapes and patterns, invites for discovery and tactility without separating walls but a diversity of zones for individual or communal food experiences.

Date: 2019
Designer for Studio Phenomena
Category: Things I built | Restaurant Life Alive
Location: Back Bay, Boston USA
Press: Eater, Bostonmagazine, Boston, Grand Rapids Chair