Impressões | Miami Art Week

Miami / 2015

Impressões Exhibition + Talk | Brazilian Creativity at Miami Art Week

During miami art week (2015), LAUFEN hosts ‘impressões’ – a multi-disciplinary panel discussion that addresses how the art and design community in brazil is being challenged by the economy; and what the future of these disciplines in the south american country holds.

To further emphasize and honor brazil and its culture, LAUFEN was presenting its travelling exhibition, also called ‘impressões’, to coincide with the talk at Miami Ironside. The ‘impressões’ project brought forth LAUFEN’s technological and material innovations in functional design, in which the leading sanitaryware company has invited 10 brazilian creatives — from the fields of architecture, design, fashion, photography and the general arts — to visually translate their impressions of brazil onto LAUFEN’s saphirkeramik washbasin conceived by andreas dimitriadis from platinum design.
LAUFEN selected antônio ferreira jr. and mário celso bernardes; arthur casas; christian cravo; derlon almeida; jader almeida; joão armentano; marko brajovic; patricia anastassiadis; aicardo bello dias and ronaldo fraga; and gave each one free reign to explore themes and imagery which encompass brazil in their minds, the 380mm washbasin standing as their blank canvas. The result was ten graphically distinct designs, each one with a different aesthetic approach. the LAUFEN ‘impressões’ washbasins were not be sold. five of each motif will be produced: one intended for the artist/designer; two for charity institutions selected by each participant; and two for LAUFEN’s archive and for use in exhibitions worldwide. Having debuted at the bienal pavilion in são paulo, and then moved onto designjunction in london, ‘impressões’ was then being showcased at the LAUFEN showroom during miami art week, highlighting the concept of brazilianness in its various forms.

Date: 2015
Comissioned: by LAUFEN
Things I built | Branding, Event, Spatial Installation
Location: Miami Ironside
Press: designboom, FRAME, My ArtGuide