Hand-Made. Heart-Made. | Multisensorial Exhibit 

Fuorisalone, Milan  / 2012

Celebrating the Ceramic Manufacturing Process at Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week. Hand-Made. Heart-Made. A one week multisensorial installation translating the crafting and production process of Swiss bathroom ceramics into an immersive installation - infused with sound, water drips, fire cracks, multiple projections and powerful product installations shown in unexpected perspectives. 

Experience the ceramic production process: An Installation celebrating Laufens ceramic manufacturing excellence that exists for 120th years. A scenography by Atelier Oi. The two natural elements used in ceramic production - water and fire - were celebrated in the immersive sceongraphy that combined light, sound and movement. Large images on either end wall highlighted the craftsmanship involved in creating Laufen products. A set of vertical rotating mirrors unified the different elements within the space.

Water dripping across the surfaces of a series of suspended mirrors and captured in an array of fluid washbasins, while a minimal soundtrack created a tranquil atmosphere. Firecracks are intensified through projections on rotating mirrors, vast-scale backlit imagery from the factory gives the narrative a sense of place.

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Courtesy by Laufen and Atelier Oi

Date: 2012
Brand Strategy and Designer for LAUFEN
Scenography: Atelier Oi
Category: Things I built | Multisensorial Exhibition
Location: Zona Tortona, Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week 2012
Press: Dezeen, Designboom, FRAME