Rooted in the BEING IN BED project, which explores unexpected materials like repurposed and reimagined survival foils, is a symbolic handwoven fabric embodying both protection and otherworldly reflections. Each piece is a unique creation, with every string meticulously hand-cut and woven – a tangible ritual of contemplation in our increasingly digital world. 

“I started to think about how we can use survival blankets as canvases, fusing the past and the future, while anchoring BEING in the present and transforming our approach to design.” A concept that reflects a commitment to holistic craft, where the act of making by hand is imbued with a scholarly approach.

Annabelle, drawing from early lessons in handcrafting from her mother – an expert weaver – approaches manual creation with a dedication to holistic craft. Her commitment intertwines with her passion for dream-like, subtly reflective materials, creating a synthesis of authenticity and curiosity in her artistic process. The result is an artful blend of tradition and innovation and physical and digital realms within the BEING IN BED project.

Woven from recycled survival foils, these handcrafted creations drape your space or body in otherworldly visions, playfully reflecting surrounding lights.


Small: 80 cm x 40 cm / 31’’ x 15’’

Price: USD 349

160 cm x 40 cm / 63’’ x 15’’
USD 649


Custom Order
Hand-Weavings and Delivery time estimate 2 - 3 Weeks.