Broken Leaders | KKADE x The Seventh Letter 

Complexcon, Long Beach  / 2018

Broken Leaders | Complexcon 

ComplexCon is a convention curated by Pharrell Williams and Takashi Murakami. The festival celebrates and shapes pop culture of today’s generation “Whatever happens next, happens here”. Together with KKADE, a Swiss typography artists, Annabelle was assigned to curate the work and the capsule collection of clothes,  KKADE was exhibiting in collaboration with the renown street art collective The Seventh Letter in Long Beach, November 2018.  

“Broken Fonts”, KKADE’s politically challenging art series contains art pieces, a limited clothing line and two full-scale murals in Los Angeles. Based on the artist’s message, Annabelle developed and realized concept for 3 teaser videos that underlined his message and promote the clothes. The story was carefully orchestrated with a dramaturgy of movement, sound and light. During the fair, she put a DJ on top of the booth – a heroic, surprising and attention creating move. Soundtracks were aligned with KKADE’s art that is heavily influenced by lyrics and melodies.

Date: 2018
Art Direction: Digital Campaign and Exhibition Design for the Show “Borken Leaders”
Collaboration: KKADE, The Seventh Letter, Tony Goodguy
Category: Things I built | KKADE x The Seventh Letter’s Show: “Broken Leaders”
Location: Complexcon, Long Beach, California
Press: The Hundreds, Schwarzmaler, LA Taco, 20min