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Virtual Space / 2018


In 2014, Coffee n’Clothes sought to capitalize on the market potential of the new social currency and launched a disruptive an nontraditional 360°marketing company — which has grown exponentially since its launch as an Instagram account. In 2018,  Annabelle was appointed to design the brands first virtual retail and content space.  In 2019, she continued to translate the virtual design elements to Coffee n’Clothes first physical Pop Up store on Lafayette Street in SoHo New York.

The Instagram Brand’s first interactive, communal space - situated in the virtual realm. Initially, Coffee’n Clothes (CNC) became a popular Instagram (IG) brand amongst fashionistas on social media. Its content was simple: Shots depicting Latte Art combined with collectable sneakers or exquisite accessories. In 2018, Annabelle got hired as a brand strategist and designer who should bring the Social Media channel into a spatial realm without losing its digital characteristic. Together with programmers of the company Obsess, she designed the brands first virtual space.

A space, living on a website, providing a holistic 360° experience to be navigated with the user’s mouse. It was the brands first, fully immersive world that lend it a face, with whom users could interact with on another level than through Social Media. An interactive stage on which e-commerce was blended with content. From material palette, to color, shapes and graphics - From 2D to 3D - the CNC identity got refined and expressed on a new, digital level. Design elements were tied to the brand identity, which came off rather flat due to its sole 2D existence on IG. Using interactive 3D technology, one had to re-think the user experience defining moments: For the first time, the user could enter the space without gravity, even flying. One could look at presentations very close-up or from far-distance. Those change of perspectives and experiences, allowed Annabelle to refine the brand identity and roll-it out within the virtual space and later also in the physical world; In 2019 she designed CnC’s first Pop Up location at Showfields in Manhattan, New York.

3 Customer Activation Zones in the Virtual Space
1) Central Coffee Bar
2) E-Commerce Section
3) Media Wall

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Virtual Store powered by Obsess

Date: 2018 / 2019
Designer a comission for Coffee n’Clothes
Collaborators Obsess
Category: Things I built | Virtual Store and Pop-Up Store
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