What if Amazon Prime Video | Was a Physical Space?

London, UK / 2021

“Amazon Prime Video hosts an event in London for its manager. We ask - What would the experience be, if Amazon Prime Video was a physical experience?  - and we eventually pitched 3 concepts.”

The Brief: To design and produce a high-end but informal dinner of 80-110 guests at an exclusive and premium central London venue, bringing together creative talent and select, minimal cast from Amazon’s original shows in production in the UK.The Objectives: To communicate Prime Video UK messaging with key media and stakehoders Highlight Amazon’s long-term commitment to the creative industry inthe UK. Position Amazon Studio/Prime Video as the ‘Home of Talent’.

Concept 1 | The Amazon Glasshouse

Amazon Prime Video is the home of talent, innovation and garnering a substantial repertoire of original UK productions. We bring to life Amazon as ‘The Home of Talent’ in a physical, tangible experience. Taking over a blank canvas venue in Central London, we create a beautiful experiential house where guests experience a delicious dinner.
The house is a symbol of harnessing innovation, cultivating and supporting UK talent in addition to the obvious nod to the fact Amazon Prime Video is also enjoyed from everyone’s home throughout the UK and beyond. From an Amazon home-grown garden entrance way to the immersive experiential house itself, clever lighting and unique dinner design, the evening promises to be both unique and memorable.

Concept 2 | Projecting the Future

Fully immerse guests with an experience that invigorates, innovates and most importantly puts the content at the forefront. Inspired by the content of Amazon Prime Video, we create capsuled moments in time via projection and setbuild through the venue. Before being seated, the guests can walk around the space, mingle and view the different projection sights. Once seated, the table comes alive with projection mapping over the table.
The Entry - Welcome to the future: Mingling space which then transforms into a tunnel, a walk of history! Showcasing a timeline of Prime’s history of films. The dining area is inspired by Sci-Fi Sets, and features projections all around. From projection on tables, to seemingly floating elevated grounds below tables and vast-scale, rounded screens embracing the dim-lit, quite technological felt space. The future happens on the dramatic stage that features an install of another tunnel: Pointing towards the future and serving as backdrop for panelists.

Concept 3 | Amazon Picture House

Harnessing the creative industry within the UK and Amazon’s own contribution in generating, cultivating and nurturing talent, we take over an iconic London landmark that heroes creativity and turn it into the Amazon Picturehouse. This concept is all about taking Prime Video out of the comforts of our own home and devices, imagining what the platform would look like in a non-virtual world. If Amazon was a cinema or theatre, what would it look like? The Amazon Picturehouse is designed to cleverly juxtapose an informal, relaxed home movie setting with the grandeur of an award-worthy movie theatre. In the Picturehouse guests enjoy an incredible three course dinner, a preview screening of upcoming Prime Original content and the chance to indulge in moments inspired by the Oscars and BAFTA.

On arrival, guests are greeted by Amazon ushers surrounding an impressive circular velvet draped curtain. The curtain is pulled back and reveals a long draped entrance corridor. Soft uplighting echoes movie and theatre aisles, creating a welcoming glow that guides guests down the corridor to the main space. Our Amazon ushers are stationed continuously down the corridor tray serving welcome champagne cocktails and printed programmes for the evening ahead. Wait staff styled as Amazon ushers instantly make guests feel special and exclusive, welcoming them with drinks and directions to their seats.

The draped corridor immediately creates a feeling of excitement and sense of drama. The fabric flows in tone through the Prime colour spectrum, drawing guests down the corridor whilst also creating multiple photo backdrop opportunities.

Soft theatre style uplighters add a warm ethereal glow, with the option of creating Prime gobo logo additions.

The Picturehouse is a beautiful escape from the outside world - the ultimate Amazon movie theatre, THINK: Plush velvet draped walls, soft mismatched cosy seating, table lamps and of course The Big Screen. Guests are seated at intimate tables where they’re served drinks and nibbles by our Amazon ushers. Prior to dinner there is a small informal presentation and talk on the stage, followed by dinner. During dinner guests are treated to preview screening of the latest Amazon Original shorts.

Guests are seated at either 10 person square tables or intimate tables for two. Each table is styled with beautiful table lamps that emit a warm glow. This allows us to create a soft and informal feel and doesn’t distract from the big screen. The ultimate movie dinner is relaxed and easy - guests are served their own meals on beautiful dinner trays, set simply with cutlery and napkins. Whilst the overall setting might feel luxurious and grand, small touches such as mismatched tub seats, armchairs and bench seating with velvet cushions give an inviting and informal feel.

Date: 2021
Design Development comissioned by Fabulous Collective
Category: Things I imagine to Build | Pitch for Amazon Prime Video
Location: London