COFFEE N’ CLOTHES The Instagram Brand’s first Virtual Store for Coffee n’Clothes | Virtual (2018)

The Instagram Brand’s first Pop-Up Store and Product Packaging | Lafayette Street, Manhattan New York (2019)

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THE POP-UP STORE 2019, CNC’s first physical, 6-month, pop-up coffee launched on Lafayette Street in New York - designed by Annabelle. Her aim was to translate the key moments of materials, graphics and signature designer lattes experienced in the virtual, into the physical. Having a minimal budget at hand, but a space to learn and experiment, she focused on key experiential ideas. From a welcoming, backdrop mural as a multiplicator or brand visibility, to a vast scale shelf of Coffee n’ Clothes infamous Designer Lattes, to freshly-roasted-bean flavors in the air, to textures and colors that took on the narrative from the brand’s virtual and social presence. 

DATE Pop-Up: 2019
Pop-Up: Lafayette, NYC (USA)

CATEGORY Pop-Up Design, Graphic Design, Merchandize & Product
Art Direction, Concept, Design, Production

COLLABORATORS Coffee ‘n Clothes (Client)
KEY TERMS #PopUp #Retail #CnC #Branding #ExperienceDesign #Packaging