My name is Annabelle Schneider.
I am a Swiss born, New York-based dual interior designer and strategist with an accomplished background in branding, spatial installations and event design - analog, digital and spiritual.

I am a high-energy, curious and speculative designer. My inquisitive nature often drives me to things that I don’t know or do not master in terms of skills (yet). A big part of my work revolves around creating something that is new or different. imagining alternative futures. It is about adapting and collaging inspirations, knowledge and processes from outside my design practice,
and translating it into spatial meaning that will benefit people interacting within.

Working at the intersection of art and spatial design, I aim to choreograph user-journeys throughout spaces. I believe social behavior and change stand in dialogue with good design.
In this sense, I relate to spatial concepts of interior futures; Speculative designs that foster forward-thinking ideas of how we can improve our everyday life by, for instance, meshing the physical experience with technology more critically and humanely.

My methods challenge the conventional approaches to materials and structures.I draw on my ongoing fascination with ephemeral interiors, fashion and wearable - or visually immersive technology,
to advance my work and collaborations with industry and institutions.

The empathetic and allegorical path to the design process, paired with the inspiration from hip hop and dream-like 80s synths, stir my imagination to write and to weave stories into memorable spaces, experiences and objects, across scales and typologies.

Together with collaborators, mentors and clients, I thrive to create environments and
moments that invite people to explore, play and reflect – for and with the culture.